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Ipswich Natural Therapies Centre


Chiropractic and massage services

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We take pride in looking after your spinal and musculoskeletal wellbeing. With over 25 years of chiropractic experience and 20 years of massage experience

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Our mission is to provide a wholistic and professionally tested treatment using the best clinical practice guidelines. We are BUPA preferred providers and registered with AMRA and AHPRA. We use a wide range of therapies including remedial massage, diversified chiropractic, SOT, activator, lypmphatic drainage and lomilomi massage.

Common problems




Mid back pain


Lower back pain

Headache pains can take the form of migraines sinus headache temple pain facial or upper neck pain. Many headaches can be linked to the spine and can benefit from massage and chiropractic treatment.

Mid to upper back pain shoulderblade and shouler pain can arise from the muscles and joints of the spine and neck. A full assessment at a Chiriopractor can help determine the cause of pain.

Pain originating form the lower back can be caused by joints ligaments discs nerves and muscles. From the mid back to the lower gluts hips and the legs and things can all be casued by the lower back.